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FOLDER map Tutorial – by Paperpilea

FOLDER map Tutorial

This is the Folder DIY for those little cute maps with enveloppes, that you see on Instagram all the time.

When we saw Yoojin do this the first time, we watched the IG video about 37 times before we got it, lol.

So now it is here, on a bigger screen, where it is easier to pause it! So you can make it step by step.

This one in the video has 4 maps (you have your A4 paper horizontal) but you can make it with 2 maps when you hold your A4 vertical!

For the 4 maps one, you draw at little line on top of the paper at 7 and 14 cm. Fold outsides towards the middle.  The little enveloppes are all 6 cm high.

We made it with 4 maps already for 2 occasions:


A little keepsake folder, a present for my mother and daughter (and myself) at a High Tea to celebrate her being pregnant of the 4th generation girls in our family. This was so much fun to make!

2. And for a little extra ephemera folder in a snailmail:

Same but with washi all around the borders:

You can find the Tutorial to make this  here

We used these great papers: here

HAVE FUN and share what you made on Instagram 🙂 !

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